Scientific and production company

Experimental-industrial company “TECHNOSPLAVY” was founded in 1993 as a part of electrometallurgy’s chair of National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine. Our aim is scientific-research and planning and design projects, focused on development of new and improvement of existing technological schemes in the field of enrichment of metallurgical raw materials, it’s preparation for processing in smelting units with various energy carriers and various designs, production of a wide range of alloys based on: manganese, silicon, chromium, nickel, etc.


Experimental-industrial concern “PromEnergy” was created in 1997 with production centre in Dneprodzerzhinsk for experimental work and pilot projects on the development of industrial tests of scientific developments of the company “TECHNOSPLAVY”.


Engineering design documentation of the enterprise was developed by the Institute "Giprostal" in Kharkov by order of LLC "PromEnergia" and LLC NPF "TECHNOSPLAVY". The design production capacity of the enterprise is 1,800 tones per year of ferritic alloys products and 1,000 tones of foundry.


Special focus was devoted to the development of technological schemes and production of metal carbides, silicon-based alloys with various modifiers: bore, zirconium, barium, strontium, rare earth metals, widely used in the foundry, organized at the production base of the “PromEnergy” enterprise.


A resource-saving technology for the production of complex ferroalloys based on ferrosilicon FS25 and FS45 with various modifiers: B, Zr, Ba, REM and others. under production-line conditions was successfully complete.


NPF "TEKHNOSPLAVY" and LLC "PromEnergy" have jointly carried out numerous research and development work since 1997.


Currently our company produces the following products:

  • Calcium carbide,
  • Silicon carbide,
  • Boron carbide,
  • Ferrosilicon grades FS 25 FS 45 (Produced according to the state standard of Ukraine DSTU 4127: 2002),
  • Ferro silicomanganese grades Mns17, Mns25. (Produced according to the state standard of Ukraine DSTU 3548-97),
  • Ferromanganese grades FMn78 and FMn88. (High-carbon and medium-carbon ferromanganese is produced according to the state standard of Ukraine DSTU 3547-97),
  • Complex ferroalloys based on FS25 and FS45 with various modifiers: bore, zirconium, barium, magnesium, calcium, rare earth metals,
  • Titanium slag for the electrode industry (rutile), obtained by the carbothermic process.


We implement technological processes for:


  • Casting iron, steel,
  • Electro-beam vacuum casting of non-ferrous metals,
  • Electro-beam refining of non-ferrous metals.

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