Scientific and production company

Who are we?

Limited liability company (LLC) PromEnergy (Ukraine, Kamenskoe)  - experimental-industrial concern for ferritic alloys manufacture.

Our concern is a part of electrometallurgy’s chair of National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.

Our Head is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ovcharuk Anatoly Nikolaevich

profesional production

of ferritic alloys

for foundry operation



  • suction casting of non-ferrous materials
  • electro-beam refining of non-ferrous materials
  • casting of raw iron and steel.


We conduct research in the field of production of ferritic alloys, metal carbides and silicon-based alloys, electro-beam refining technology


  • manufacture of complex ferritic alloys based on ferrosilicon FS25 and FS45 with modifiers
  • manufacture of metal carbides, silicon-based alloys with modifiers


Efficacy of our innovations expressed in ensuring the rational use of the mineral resources of the Earth's interior and protecting the environment